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This café lets you cuddle with adorable racoons all day long

(Photos via Jun Michael Park)

Have you also travelled the country to visit every cat-, dog- or even pig- and rabbit café possible? Then it might be time to find other animals to cuddle with while enjoying your cup of tea. How about racoons! You’ll need to book a ticket to the South-Korean capital Seoul to do so but once you’re there, a bunch of racoons will be waiting for you.

The founder of the racoon café adopted two racoons, Cong and Milk, about 1.5 years ago. In order to keep her café running, she decided to combine the two and as a result, the Racoon Café was born. No worries about dangerous racoons because Cong was adopted from a breeder and Milk rescued from a fur importer. Now they’re getting all the attention and care they deserve.

You can visit them at cafe Blind Alley.


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