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Movie nights at the Natural History Museum in London

(Photo via Shutterstock/aaabbbccc)

This is your chance to experience your own ‘night at the museum‘. Instead of walking around galleries and looking at dead animals, you can just sit back and relax because during the next couple of months The Natural History Museum in London is hosting movie nights in partnership with Time Out.

To make this experience extra special, a big screen will be put up in the main hall, right where Dippy the Dinosaur used to roam around. Now you will be seated underneath its replacement, ‘Hope’ the blue whale skeleton. While your science fiction favourites will be played on the big screen. From blockbusters E.T and Gravity to the classics Star Trek and Star Wars. “Prepare to be thrilled with heart-warming classics, dystopian adventures, terrifying alien encounters and a journey through the vastness of space.”

You can book your tickets for £28 on the Natural History Museum website.

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