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Open Tabs: 3 long read articles that are worth your time

(Photos via Autostraddle)

The world wide web sometimes feels like a never-ending place filled with so much information it can be a bit overwhelming. As we love to roam the web for high points and subjects worth sharing with you all we often bump into some longer pieces but nevertheless worth your time. Therefore, we’ve summed up our most relevant ‘Open Tabs‘ at the moment, including fun interviews, reviews and insights.

Is the New Luxury a Better You? via The Business of Fashion

More and more people are spending loads of money on experiences instead of products. The Business of Fashion discusses this luxury trend and describes how people are looking for personal transformation, “where a better you become the product.” Now the question is, can fashion brands adjust to this shift?

Stranger Things’ Joe Keery on the Show’s Second Season and His Now-Famous Head of Hair via GQ

Before you skip this article because you’re not a Stranger Things fan –don’t! Because the talented actor Joe Keery is more than just Steve Harrington. His interview with GQ comes with a very good-looking photoshoot filled with tons of men’s autumn fashion inspiration. A must-read (or look) for multiple reasons.

How a New Technology Could Help Find the Next Harvey Weinstein by the Huffington Post

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a relation between the #metoo phenomena and technology. Without technology such as social media, this would have probably never happened. This article on the Huffington Post discusses this relation, the importance of it and if it could help find the next Harvey Weinstein.

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