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Pepsi launches a new limited-edition flavour: salted caramel

(Photos via wideopeneats)

Never tell a Coca-Cola fan that Pepsi tastes the same because that’s like comparing apples and oranges. We’ve got to admit that we might fall into the Coca-Cola fan category but Pepsi somehow managed to grab our attention today. It’s hard to avoid their new limited-edition taste because it’s probably the most unique one yet: salted-caramel.

Pepsi even managed to make the limited-edition flavour sugar-free, which we find even more striking (how?!). Unfortunately, the limited-edition will only be available in the US for now but we’re sure they will release it worldwide if they want to make a lot of curious people happy. Of course, Coca-Cola didn’t leave this special announcement unnoticed as they released their own new flavour: coffee. What’s your favourite?

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