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The perfect items for both cosy and festive winter nights

How much we might love long summer nights, there’s something magical about winter nights. Staying in is no longer an excuse to cancel your plans. So for the few moments, you have to face the cold we’ve got your covered with extra warm coats, beanies and knitwear. Inside you can snuggle up with extra soft sweaters, knitwear and flannels. Besides all the extra warm items for both in- and outside the real fun starts during the celebrations. Winter is the moment to celebrate, kind of as an award for all the cold we have to go through. For those special moments with friends and family, we have the best outfits ready so you can end the year with a bang. For every winter night, we’ve got a suitable outfit.

Besides you ugly Christmas jumper, the Alexandra knitted jumper is the only jumper you’ll need this season. It’s made from the softest materials with an extra long body and sleeves, just perfect for snuggling. No blanket needed on the couch.

We’ve made you guys the perfect parka jacket because we believe it’s the ultimate winter jacket. It’s warm, waterproof and mid-length. Don’t need anything else, right?

Our favourite part of winter nights are the sparkly nights. No, we’re not talking about the pretty stars in the sky or the lights hanging in your Christmas tree. Instead, we want you to sparkle this Christmas! You can do so with our sequin bomber and matching sequin pants. Shine bright like a diamond.

You can’t go wrong with a flannel. It’s the perfect casual alternative for a fancy shirt or just leave it open for a more relaxed look. Either way, it will keep you very warm as the Timber Shirt Red is made from super soft materials. Also available in green/blue.

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