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Seeing double? The unique bond between identical twins captured in photo series

(Photos by Peter Zelewski Photography)

The fact that every human being is unique, is suddenly put to the test when it comes to identical twins. Unintentionally, we often perceive them as the same person, if we like it or not. Photographer Peter Zelewski decided to highlight both the similarities and most of all differences between identical twins that don’t immediately meet the eye. For the unique photo series ‘Alike But Not Alike‘, he photographed and interviewed 12 identical twins from London. By wearing identical outfits, Peter highlights their similarities while their stories show their differences. But most of all his project shows their unique bond.

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“These days we are very different but also very alike. The best thing about being a twin is being able to talk comfortably with each other and never having to worry about being judged.’

“People always ask what it’s like to be a twin but how can we answer that when we don’t know what it’s like not to be a twin!?’

“We know their strong bond will provide the security and confidence to ensure that whatever goals they pursue, the other will always be there to say I am proud of you.’

“If we moved to a new place and didn’t make friends, at least we had each other, the best friends we both could hope for.’

‘We’re best friends and sisters all rolled into one. There is a strong bond between us which means we always know what the other is thinking, feeling or even dreaming.”

“We love being twins. nothing beats having your best friend and brother all rolled into one. “

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