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Plus-size model Ashley Graham praised for ‘becoming’ a Victoria’s Secret model

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Don’t we all secretly imagine ourselves as Victoria’s Secret models in our dreams? Plus-size model Ashley Graham certainly does as she shared a photo of herself as an Angel with wings on Instagram. The only difference is that Ashley shared the photo for a slightly different purpose. The plus-size model has been a vocal advocate of the #bodypositivity movement and has even launched her own swimwear collection for all body shapes and sizes. Now she has Photoshopped a pair of Victoria’s Secret wings on one of her old lingerie catwalk photos and it’s no coincidence that she posted it on the same day of the annual VS Fashion Show in Shanghai.



Got my wings! 🦋💐🌈😜 .. my #AdditionElle wings! #thickthighssavelives

Een bericht gedeeld door A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) op

It really is a dream of Ashley to become an Angel as she explains: “Oh yeah. I mean when Victoria’s Secret calls me and asks me to be on their runway I am going to say yes” but unfortunately, the brand doesn’t feature size 12 models. Let’s hope this changes in the future because we believe Ashley would be a positive change next to all the skinny models on the catwalk:

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