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This headless robot cat is made to help you cope with anxiety and stress

(Photos via Qoobo)

Some might practice naked yoga to relieve stress, others decide to read a book but what makes us really happy is cuddling and preferably with a fluffy animal. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t a very suitable option for those living a very busy life in modern society. That’s exactly where this headless robot cat comes in handy. Meet Qoobo, a soft round cushion with a tail that moves when it’s being pet.

This robot cat won’t just give you the feeling you’ve got a cute roommate to care for but its main purpose is to be used as a form of therapy. According to the creators Yukai Engineering from Japan, having a pet on your lap has healing qualities and helps to deal with anxiety and stress. But we think the best part is it doesn’t poop on the carpet.

You can find more information here.

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