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Real coffee lovers can drink their espresso from a concrete machine

(Photos via AnZa)

Ask a design company to create an industrial espresso machine and you’ll end up with this badass thing. We must say, credits for being original, of which a few must be deducted for being incredibly inconvenient because we don’t think you’ll be able to move this machine once it has been placed. Nevertheless, we don’t think you’ll need to move it ever again because pouring espresso from a concrete mass that must be every coffee lover’s dream. Or probably just pouring coffee from anything.

The AnZa espresso machine was designed by design company Montaag in the Brutalist design style for the first time in 2014. Since then the machine has been tested and redefined but still needs to gather enough money to be released. So if you’re a sucker for coffee and concrete make sure to support and keep updated on the design here. For the less ‘Brutalist‘ coffee drinkers, there’s also a fancy white and gold version of the machine, yes please.

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