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Restaurant Hawksmoor gives the iconic Big Mac burger a mouth-watering upgrade

(Photos via Hawksmoor)

The award-winning British steakhouse and cocktail bar Hawksmoor has proven that one should never change a winning team. In this case ‘the winning team‘ being the Big Mac but don’t worry we’re not talking about the greasy McDonald’s menu that tends to end up on your radar after a few too many drinks. Instead, Hawksmoor has decided it’s time to give the classic Big Mac an upgrade like only they can do. Earlier this month their Big Matt burger launched and from that moment onwards heaven known as the Big Matt Meal was a fact. All thanks to Hawksmoor’s Executive Chef Matt Brown.

If mentioning Big Mac, Hawksmoor and burgers in one sentence hasn’t already left you mouth-watering then this detailed description of the Big Matt burger will. It’s a combination of two charcoal grilled 100% beef patties with Hawksmoor special sauce, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese, shredded iceberg, onions and homemade pickles. Add some seriously moreish dripping fries and their famous Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew (Beefeater, Ginger, Lemon, London Pride) and you’ve got the only meal you’ll want this month. The best way to celebrate the end of bikini season.

The Big Matt Meal (£20) is available from 12 pm – 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday at all Hawksmoor restaurants and in the evening at Spitafields Bar until the end of September.

You can find more information on their website here.

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