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Restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant in north Amsterdam is completely worth the ferry ride


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Slowly but steadily Amsterdam-North is earning its own hotspots. While it was long thought to be a place either too far away or not worth the bike or ferry ride for Amsterdam residents, that attitude is exactly what has given the north part of Amsterdam the opportunity to grow and give the ‘other side’ a reason to make the trip worth its while. Well, we can certainly say that we’ve found one place that’s 100% worth the ride: Hotel de Goudfazant. Located in an industrial/abandoned warehouse along the water we couldn’t think of a better place with a high contrast between culinary food and its location, which makes it even more spectacular.

As briefly described above, it’s the restaurant’s location that first caught our eye. We absolutely love restaurants that are located right next to the IJ canal and provides a stunning view across the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the north side of Amsterdam or the south, this view gives you an incredible sight. Especially in such a big city, which gives you loads of romantic vibes once the sun goes down and you’ll see all the lights across the water. However, a stunning view doesn’t necessarily mean good food because it doesn’t matter how stunning the view might be when the food’s a mess we’re gone. Luckily that wasn’t the case at the Goudfazant.

The restaurant part of the hotel can best be described as a warehouse since that’s exactly what it’s located in. The most beautiful and unique warehouse we’ve ever had dinner in that is. Luckily we were informed by friends that the place can get pretty cold during the evening (so take an extra jumper with you). Luckily, the sun was shining when we arrived so the shutters were open, which made it seem as though we were sitting outside. When the sun really comes out to show its face you can even enjoy your meal on the outside terrace, which gives you an even better view across Amsterdam without flying menus and a #badhairday.

However, enough chit chat about this unique location because how was the food?! Good thing you ask because the food was all kinds of perfect. A little bit on the small portion side but we’ll explain that all in detail in a bit. We had oysters and grilled artichoke as an appetizer and delicious flank steak as a main. Every piece of food perfectly cooked with added vegetables. Nevertheless, we were still hungry after the delicious meals. Couldn’t we order side dishes like in most restaurants nowadays? Unfortunately not, the only ‘side dish’ on the menu was a green salad so that probably wasn’t going to help a lot.
That’s the only side note on the otherwise perfect evening. The solution to the lasting hunger was found in the delicious cheese platter and dessert, which we usually can’t make because we’re so stuffed by that time. Furthermore, the prices are also very accessible since you pay €33 for a three-course meal with high-quality. Not a restaurant to go to on an empty stomach but definitely worth everything else.

Hotel De Goudfazant
Aambeeldstraat 10
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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