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Revolutionary eye pillow takes powernaps to the next level

(Photos via Ostich Pillow Loop)

Everyone with a full-time job, a social life and a relationship knows that 8 hours of sleep a day is basically just a fairytale story made up by sleeping beauty. Therefore, a bus- or train ride is usually the moment you catch up on some sleep. Just close those eye and reload your battery. Studio Banana knows about these struggles because they’re going completely viral on Kickstarter with their Ostrich Pillow, which is probably best described as a sleeping mask version 4.0:

As full-time users of regular sleep masks, we know that most of the time they still let through a lot of light but this problem is now nowhere in sight. Plus, the soft material and cool design of the ‘eye pillow’ lets you use the sleeping mask as a real pillow or just a trendy scarf too so you can always carry your sleeping mask with you. You can get yours on Kickstarter but you’ll have to wait until summer 2018 to catch up on some sleep since that’s when the product will be launched.

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