Rita Ora walked the red carpet wearing nothing but a bathrobe and towel at the MTV EMA’s

(Photos via Getty/Variety)

Haven’t we all been there? Trying to decide what to wear on a night out while ending up with a bathrobe on and hair wrapped in a towel unable to decide while slowly getting more frustrated and the pile of clothes getting bigger and bigger. Singer Rita Ora probably had the same problem but before going insane she decided to just turn her ‘getting ready’ look into a red carpet one. As the host of the MTV European Music Awards in London this weekend, Rita wore 13 (!) outfits but this one was definitely the most surprising one.

The 26-year-old singer seemed to love the look so much she even wore two versions of it during the event. One on the red carpet, a more glamorous version with some bling-bling jewellery and high heels, and one on stage, a more casual version with sneakers. So next time you’re getting ready and you’re running late this look might come in handy.

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