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Rose quartz nails are the perfect subtle nail art trend

Just like different hairstyles, we love to find out about new nail inspiration. When going completely out of the box, like the nail art from this Korean artist isn’t really your thing, it might be better to try out this trend. Just like marble nails, this trend is inspired by a type of mineral: rose quartz. This mineral is known to resonate love energy to its surroundings. Maybe your nails will do the same but one thing’s for sure, they will be mesmerizingly beautiful.

Rose Quartz (2nd attempt) 💕🌹✨ #rosequartz #rosequartznails

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My first #marblenails OR #rosequartznails 😂😝

Een bericht gedeeld door Millene Ribeiro (@mimisbeautylondon) op

Another set of Quartz nails. Are you a crystal lover? 💕

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Rose Quartz nails

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