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Sick apartment in Soho | New York

We are about to create a separate section for apartments in New York because we found another one. This time in the center of Soho and it will cost you $80,000 per month. That money will get you 13.000 square feet of living pleasure, 3 large bedrooms each with a private bathroom, an indoor pool, a library and a home theater many cinema will be jealous of.

Nice detail, Beyonce shot the video for her song ‘Halo’ in this apartment.

Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-1Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-2 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-3 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-4 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-5 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-6 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-7 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-8 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-9 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-10 Rustic-and-Industrial-13000-Square-Foot-Soho-Rental-11

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