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Sleep underwater in Dubai’s floating $2 million villas

(Photos via The Heart of Europe)

A floating villa is already pretty outstanding but one that has a whole floor below sea level, that’s only possible in Dubai. Here there’s no need to visit the zoo to admire sea life, just take the stairs down in your own villa. In total 40 glass-walled villas are being built as part of the Heart of Europe holiday resort and only accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter. In one villa eight adults and eight children can stay on three floors. We definitely know where we would want to sleep because the bottom two levels are completely below sea level.
Imagine taking a bath while admiring the fish or not being able to sleep so you can just start counting the seahorses. Always wanted to know what it feels like to live in an aquarium, this is your chance. The villas are set to be done next year so enough time to collect $2 million.

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