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Stay of the week | New York City vibes at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam

(Photos via HotelArena/Colourful Rebel)

It’s no secret that we’re madly in love with New York City as we love to share cool hotspots, hotels and Airbnbs you need to visit in the concrete jungle. Good thing we no longer have to take the plane to get that same NYC feeling because in east Amsterdam, you can find Hotel Arena and it’s a new gem in town. After a massive makeover, the hotel is back better than ever and we were lucky enough to spend the night. As soon as we approached the place we immediately got the feeling as though we’d arrived in Central Park:

From city hotel to park hotel

No Central Park but the Oosterpark, in east Amsterdam, which just like the hotel got a huge makeover last year. It went from a rather sketchy and dark park, where you wouldn’t want to walk through at night, to an open and happy place. This corresponds perfectly with the new Hotel Arena. Part of the hotel is a monumental building, which looks like a church but actually served many different purposes, such as a mental home, orphanage and backpackers hostel. Next to the old building, you can find the modern extensions, where TeamV Architecture and TANK Interior Design did an amazing job turning it into a contemporary part of the hotel while letting the historical part intact. A beautiful whole where modern and historical parts fit perfectly together.

We got the honour of staying the night in one of the modern suites of the hotel, which offers a splendid view of the park and restaurant. The New York feeling continued into the room, where ceiling high windows offer the perfect opportunity for admiring the serene surroundings, which make you forget that you’re located in the middle of Amsterdam. Inside the suite, you can find two floors with multiple options to relax but our favourite one must be the lovely wooden swing, we wish we could take home.

After the refurbishment of the building, the hotel added a couple of new rooms, resulting in 139 rooms available in total. Nevertheless, you hardly notice the widespread capacity of the building due to the different parts of the hotel (‘the old’ and ‘the new part’). This gives you the serene impression as if you’ve arrived in a small boutique hotel, which the stunning lobby perfectly illustrates:

Breakfast for champions

After a good night rest, it’s time for breakfast! Breakfast at your hotel is nothing new but nevertheless, Hotel Arena surprised us big time. We’ve spent the night at 5-star hotels, where the breakfast consisted of nothing more than a few slices of bread and cheese but this hotel certainly didn’t hold back. From the moment we entered the breakfast dining table we knew that this was going to be a good day. The bottles of champagne were only the beginning:

Besides breakfast, the hotel also offers dinner in its own restaurants. Here you can spend all day behind the fireplace when you’re not so keen on heading into the city straight away. Even if you aren’t staying the night the hotel bar and restaurant are open to the public and we highly recommend them. Either way, Hotel Arena offers a splendid stay in the middle of east Amsterdam, where you’ll find loads of hotspots, without giving you the impression as if you’re in a busy area. That has to do with the beautiful Oosterpark but also the spacious rooms, where you can spend the night in Amsterdam while waking up feeling as though you’re in New York.

Hotel Arena
‘s-Gravesandestraat 55
1092 AA


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