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Take your bath time to the next level with this wine glass holder

(Photos via Amazon)

Be aware, we’re about to address a very #firstworldproblem scenario right now but we still believe it might change your life. It often happens that we’re just getting ready for the night, got our glass of cold wine ready only to realise there’s probably nothing better than to enjoy a nice warm bath. However, there’s nowhere to put our lovely glass of preciousness and we certainly don’t want to chug it all at once. That’s where the power of Amazon comes in because they’ve created the one and only bath and shower portable wine glass holder.

Besides making your Friday night complete with this incredible gadget, we’re sure you can make loads of friends who love to take their wine with them wherever they go extremely happy too. Prefer beer? The beer holder option also exists. For just $14 you can buy the handy ‘#1 shower caddy on Amazon’ gadget online.

PS. Prefer to take your glass of wine with you literally everywhere you go? This wine necklace holds your drink for you. 

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