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Taking your man to the Beer Hotel will make him happier than he’s ever been


So you have been longing for that designer bag or that pair of shoes for a while now but the man friend doesn’t get the hints or just doesn’t want to pull out his wallet? Maybe taking him to the very first beer hotel in the world will help you realise the dream. The DogHouse Hotel is set to open somewhere in 2017/2018 and features a personal beer tap in every room, special beers in the mini bar, a spa and wellness where you’ll be treated with beer products only and even a hot tub filled with IPA.


Scottish beer maker BrewDog has launched a crowdfunding campaign to actually built the hotel and their target is set at $75.000 within 30 days for realising the first plans. After one week they already raised a whopping $170.000. According to BrewDogco-founder and CEO James Watt “Beer geeks around the world have been crying out for a beer hotel since we first shared the idea on social media, so we’re going to kick-start the most ambitious project we’ve ever planned, all with the backing of our global community of beer fans.

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