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Friday Favourites | The 5 most popular articles of this week #7

We’ll cut straight to the case because that’s what this feature is all about: capturing the best articles of the week. So you can enjoy your weekend with all the highlights of the week in the back of your mind. From the stunning Paris Jackson to Airbnb apartments in Bali and loads of chocolate. Are you ready?

1. The beautiful Paris Jackson walked the red carpet without any makeup on | Michael Jackson’s daughter is a breath of fresh air in the world of celebs, from her hairy armpits to her naked looks, she stunned everyone this week by walking the red carpet without any makeup on. [Read the full article here]

2. Bride surprises her grandma by wearing her old wedding dress and the photos are beautiful | This bride decided to make her special day a very special one for her grandma too by surprising her with her old dress. The photos say it all. [Read the full article here]

3. The 5 most stunning Airbnb apartments you can rent in tropical Bali | For all the lucky ones who are heading to the tropical island of Bali anytime soon, we’ve gathered the 5 best Airbnb apartments on the tropical island for you. [Read the full article here]

4. Cinnamon swirl is the stunning hair colour trend of the moment | New season, new look. This season the hair dye trend is inspired by the yummy hot cinnamon buns that instead of giving your stomach a nice and fuzzy feeling it will do the same to your hair. [Read the full article here]

5. It’s chocolate week! Celebrate with these delicious chocolate desserts in London | In case you didn’t already know (impossible); it’s Chocolate Week! This can only mean one thing: eat chocolate without feeling guilty. Find out where to get the best chocolate desserts in London town. [Read the full article here]

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