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The bigger the boobs, the bigger the discount at absurd Chinese restaurant


(Photos via Qianjiang Evening Pos)

We’ve got the feeling that the founder of this Chinese restaurant thought he was opening a striptease club but somehow ended up in the catering industry. He has opened the Trendy Shrimp restaurant (sounds bad enough already) with the slogan “The whole city is looking for BREASTS”. Okay, mister, we don’t know where you’re living but that is all kinds of wrong. In addition to its absurd slogan, the restaurant is offering a discount for women depending on their cup size. The bigger the boobs, the bigger the discount.

It almost sounds too weird to be true. Nevertheless, manager Lan Shenggang defends his sales strategy, after numerous complaints have been filed against the restaurant, by stating that “Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%.” He added that “some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide”. This is getting weirder by the minute. This restaurant probably had a small chat with the guys over at the New York Post, who posted a very absurd article on big boobs being back in fashion.

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