Beyoncé has designed the ultimate baseball cap for girls with curls

(Photos via Ivy Park)

The fashion industry might claim they’re here for everybody but if you’re a girl with curls you know that isn’t the truth. Have you ever tried wearing a hoodie without ruining your voluminous curls? Mission impossible. To make things even worse, wearing a baseball cap is just the worst. A very famous singer with a bunch of curls, known as Beyoncé, has decided it’s time to end this nonsense. Because if you’re Queen B and you don’t like something you just change it.

Good thing B owns her own fashion brand Ivy Park so she decided to design a baseball cap, which girls with curls cán wear. Thanks to the backless design of the cap, you can give your big curls the space and look they deserve. B is here to change the world (curly) girls.

You can buy the Velvet Backless Cap at Topshop for $35 here.

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