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Hilary Duff suddenly has a Kardashian-like curvy body and the Internet is going crazy

(Photo via Craig Barritt)

How lucky we were to have Lizzie Mcquire as our role model when we were young kiddos. Nowadays teens have to deal with Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians, which means showing off a lot of fakeness, such as weird butts and teenage pregnancies. The very decent Hilary Duff seemed to have skipped that part of teenage life and is still a huge role model for us.

Even now, 10 years later she shows us how to stay true to yourself without following other people’s judgements. The 29-year-old actress was spotted backstage filming her new film Younger and a very tight pink dress revealed her (new) curvy body. Say what?! In contrast to the Kardashian’s, it looks very real – which is why people are loving it even more.

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