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The killerclown in ‘It’ is actually Alexander Skarsgard’s hot younger brother

What to do if you’ve already traumatised a complete generation with killer clowns but you don’t want to stop? You just hire a super hot actor to play the killerclown. When the trailer of the new Stephen King’s ‘It’ film was released, we were too scared to watch even a second of it. Now that we know who’s behind the mask we’re a bit more tempted.
It’s the younger brother of the Big Little Lies star Alexander Skarsgård (who went full frontal on the show). While Alexander likes to emerge himself in Tarzan and vampire-roles, his 26-year-old brother likes to take it a step further. While you might know Bill from the series Divergent, his new role as the killer clown Pennywise is groundbreaking. Nevertheless, we prefer to wait a little longer to admire his acting skills in a more ‘fun’ role. In the meantime, we’ll just admire his cute Instagram pics (especially the ones together with Alexander).

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