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The most important part of Apple’s exclusive iPhone X presentation failed completely

(Photos via Apple)

After years of speculating and even building a special presentation theatre, Apple finally revealed the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X yesterday. The idea behind the presentation was, of course, to get people talking about the phones’ new features but this hasn’t exactly been the case. The day after the presentation no one can stop talking about either, the ridiculous price of the iPhone X (over a £1000) and Apple’s inability to get one of the phone’s most important safety features working: the Face ID unlock system.

For those who prefer to spend their cash on something better, there’s luckily also a more ‘normal’ version of the iPhone on its way; the 8 and 8 Plus. They’re less expensive and also consist of new special features such as wireless charging.

The iPhone X will be released on November 3 for £999 for 64 GB and £1,149 for 256 Gb. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available on 22 September.

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