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There’s a Stranger Things pop-up bar where you can sip cocktails in the Upside Down

(Photos via Wired)

Once you get into a TV series there’s no way back. For the real Stranger Things fans, Season 2 might feel a long way away (mark your calendars: 27 October). Instead of filling time in-between by reading fan theories and rewatching Season 1 you can now really experience the world of Stranger Things in the meantime. Unfortunately, only for those living in Chicago or those who find it worth the ride because here you can stop by The Upside Down, a popup in Logan Square, which is identical to the series’ set.

Stranger Things fans are going to love this. On the menu: Eleven’s Eggo’s, the Demogorgun slushi, the Snack Pack, the Mouthbreather, the Coffee & Contemplation and the She’s Our Friend and She’s Crazy. All this Stranger Things-themed food can be enjoyed in the bar where you can watch the series on a big screen projector with fellow fans. There’s even a real Upside Down room with furniture stuck to the roof. If you can’t visit the pop-up bar we’re sure that these photos will keep you going till Season 2. Exciting!


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