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This 11-year-old kid is officially the fattest boy alive

The feeling of “wanting to eat all the time” is a very normal one for us. Luckily, our body has this special mechanism so it tells us when we’re full aka when we need to stop eating otherwise we’ll turn into, well this kid perhaps. According to his parents, the 11-years-old Arya Permana doesn’t have any sense of being full. After eating five meals a day, which consist of fried chicken, rice, noodles and chocolate ice cream, Arya now weighs 190kg, which is six times the weight of boys his age. As a result, he has been named ‘the world’s fattest boy’, who can’t even walk more than five minutes at a time.

After many meals, Arya’s parents finally realised that their son was eating himself to death and decided medical help was necessary. So Arya got another ‘price’ to his name: ‘the youngest person in the world to undergo a gastric sleeve operation’. The result? Arya’s still alive and has already lost 31kg, which is equal to one-sixth of his weight. The doctors expect Arya to lose more than 100kg in the next two years as a large part of his stomach has been removed. Let’s hope Arya will choose life over food.

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