This 88-year-old granny rocks streetwear style better than most hipsters

(Photo via @moonlin0106)

A few weeks back we praised Jonah Hill for his new role as a streetwear style icon after his extreme weight loss but that was before we came across this 88-year-old Taiwanese lady. Moon Lin isn’t one of those cute classy old ladies who has a closet filled with vintage treasures, instead, she’s a real streetwear style icon. She manages to rock streetwear brands, such as Supreme, Y-3 and Adidas, that are especially hot amongst hipsters and the rich kids at the moment.


Een bericht gedeeld door 林莊月里 (@moonlin0106) op

Besides her inspirational clothing style, Moon Lin also shares a few of her life lessons with her 71K followers: “The good thing about being 88 is that you can just wear what you want! No one can control me! I intend to try something new each day. Shall I get a tattoo tomorrow? Life begins at 88.

來去逛逛啊七呀!哇攏念啊七呀!伊欸肉丸進齁呷!齁呷齁呷 🍡

Een bericht gedeeld door 林莊月里 (@moonlin0106) op


Een bericht gedeeld door 林莊月里 (@moonlin0106) op

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