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This must be coffee heaven: Starbucks is opening luxury megastores

There are megastores for clothes, furniture and food, but how about the no. 1 source of life: coffee. What better store to change this than the one that even inspires hair trends. Starbucks announced it’s opening three luxurious megastores in the US and it looks very promising. After New York and Seattle, The Chicago Reserve Roastery will be the most recent addition to the planned Starbucks megastores. Here a four-level store will be completely dedicated to coffee, including roasting, brewing and packaging. Kind of like getting a peek behind the coffee scene. The flagship location in Seattle gives us an idea of what’s to come to New York and Chicago in 2018. This must be what Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory looks like for coffee lovers. Heaven.

Want to know more about coffee and what it really does to your body and brain, take a look at this video.

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