This wetsuit looks exactly like a real suit

(Photos thombrowne)

If there’s one thing we love about surf dudes it must be their relaxed way of living (besides their salty sun-bleached hair). However, a relaxed dude 24/7 isn’t exactly boyfriend material so that’s why we love a surf dude with a few gentleman qualities. What better way for them to show those off with a real fancy outfit, such as a wetsuit suit. Get it?! This wetsuit from Thom Browne looks exactly like a suit and we’re just amazed that it has taken such a long time for someone to come up with this genius outfit.

As a result, the wetsuits are being sold faster than you can catch a wave. You can get yours in their webshop for 3900 dollars but for that amount of money you’ll be the gentlemen of the sea.

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