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Time’s Person of the Year 2017 has been revealed but there’s a side note

(Photos via Time/Twitter)

Time Magazine’s announcing the ‘Person of the Year’ is always an exciting moment but this year it received even more attention even before the person had been named. This all had to do with Trump who claimed he had initially been named the Person of the Year, just like in 2016, but didn’t agree to participate in the project. Time Magazine then denied this #fakenews.

Now the outcome has been revealed and the Person of the Year is actually a group of people, named the ‘Silence Breakers’: the women who spoke out against sexual abuse and harassment, inspiring the #metoo movement. Unfortunately, this positive outcome has a rather ambiguous twist since Trump is named the first runner-up even though he’s been accused of sexual abuse. To make things even more twisted, Trump is named as the motivation for the ‘Silence Breakers’ to speak out. Either way, people are glad he lost the popular vote to a woman – again.

Read the full interview with the Time’s Person of the Year online.

People aren’t happy:

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