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Travel diary: The 100 must-sees in beautiful Norway

A list consisting of 100 must-sees might sound like a terrible lot but for an amazing country as Norway, the list could go on forever. We’ve been to Norway twice for two completely different purposes but both times were unforgettable. The first time for a winter sports experience and the second time we were lucky enough to explore beautiful Oslo, even though it was only for 72 hours. Based on these trips we could share a couple of tips with you guys but we think a local would be a lot more applicable to do so. Jen Miller created a list with the ‘100 Best Things To Do In Norway’, which we are honoured to share with you. Don’t worry about a long list filled with tons travel information because Jen has kept it nice and compact. So if these mesmerizing photos of Norway and the fact that Norway is the happiest country in the world won’t convince you to visit the gorgeous country than this list sure will.

Below we’ve summed up our favourites from Jen’s list but make sure to check out all of her 100 tips here.

Tip #9: Hurtigruten Day Trips (Tromso)

“What is the best way to see the fjords? Well, from the waterside. Now if you could combine that with watching the Northern lights, good food and amazing sights all around, day and night? That is what you get when you go on a Hurtigruten day trip. The trip has been described as the “World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”. The classic trip takes 12 days, but shorter cruises are available as well”

Tip #11: Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf (Bergen)

“Idyllic houses on the waterfront of Bergen are one of the most well-known sights in Norway. The city centre is a tourist’s paradise: museums, shops, restaurants abound. But be careful: if you go there, you may be consumed with overwhelming desire to live there for the rest of your life.”

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Tip #40: Seven Sisters (Geiranger)

“A waterfall called the Seven Sisters? Man, that sound like something interesting to see. And it is. Learn about the story behind the name while you count the streams. Best to visit in spring, when the flow is at its peak.”

We could go on and on but luckily Jen has done the hard work for us already!

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