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Victoria Beckham dresses up as a fabulous turkey for Thanksgiving

(Photos via BAKOUNINE / Shutterstock.com/Instagram)

Yesterday, the world came together and celebrated Thanksgiving. Even though this is officially an American/Canadian national holiday, the British Beckham family decided to go all in. Now that their oldest son Brooklyn is studying in New York, Victoria decided it’s time to celebrate the festivity at home. However, if your name’s Victoria Beckham you don’t just celebrate Thanksgiving by eating a Turkey, instead, you become the Turkey. The designer shared a hilarious photo on Instagram showing off a glamorous Photoshopped Turkey look:

We’re not so sure if this is part of a new fashion trend but we do love Victoria’s fun take on the festivity. As we’re used to from the designer mum, she also shared some real fashion inspiration for the Holiday Season as part of her collaboration with Estee Lauder. That’s more like it!

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