Vintage photo series gives us a rare glimpse of New York City in the early 1940s

Endless skyscrapers, fast-food restaurants on every corner and the sight of public transport wherever you go. That’s basically what life looks like in a modern-day city. We know it’s cheesy but when we look around we sometimes really wish we could go back in time. As we’re no Harry Potter we’re unfortunately unable to travel through time. However, there’s another way to admire the beauty of old-school cities; by looking at old school photos. This time we’ve found some of the concrete jungle of New York City in the 1940s.

Photographer Charles W. Crushman travelled across the United States from 1938 to 1969 to capture life. Thanks to Charles we can now catch a rare glimpse of what NYC’s popular spots such as Midtown and the Financial District looked like 70 years ago. All we can say is, you’re really something special New York.

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