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We spent the weekend with Jaguar on Corsica and fell in love with the new E-pace

If Jaguar would have asked us a few years ago if we would want to test drive their new models for a weekend, we wouldn’t have been incredibly psyched. Don’t get us wrong, Jaguar is a real legend when it comes to the car scene but they just didn’t really have anything particularly special in our opinion in their showroom a few years back. But times have changed and the car brand with an incredible heritage is back. After the introduction of the phenomenal F-type and the beautiful F-pace (the best-selling Jaguar in ages), it is time for the completely renewed E-pace. Enough reason for Jaguar to invite your favourite twins for a weekend of relaxing and cruising on Corsica.

Since most Jaguar fans weren’t exactly enthusiastic with the introduction of an SUV, the brand decided to release a smaller version for them to compete with competitors in the field, such as the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1. Before we continue our story, you’re probably wondering if the E-pace comes with some power. The answer to that question is pretty simple: oh, yes it does. You can choose between multiple 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines. For Diesel engines, there are the options of 150, 180 and 240 HP and petrol varieties of 250 and 300. Perfect.

When it comes to driving, we’ve also got absolutely nothing to complain about. The roads on Corsica are smooth and curvy so we were able to put the E-pace to the test and for an SUV of around 1900 kilo that went surprisingly well. The E-pace is also made for sportive driving if you fine-tune the stand accordingly. No understeer, nothing. And believe us when we say we put it to the test.

The route across Corsica took us from sunny village roads along the coast into the mountains, where we had to face a thick layer of snow. These different circumstances were absolutely no problem for the E-pace, which made us feel right at home in every single situation. Not a big surprise since the Jaguar has designed the cockpit of this “baby club” according to the driver. As the driver, you’re the absolute central point and you really notice this. A firm and sportive driving-wheel, which comes with an extensive operating system and all of this for a starting price of 48.800 Euro!

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