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Game of Thrones might be fantasy but Dragonstone is very real and you can visit it

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The powers of the world’s most popular series Game of Thrones reaches far beyond our TV screens. Fans try to get as close as possible to the series in real-life. This might be by admiring Jon Snow’s booty a few too many times but mostly it goes beyond that. Such as, by visiting the shooting locations of the series. One of the most popular locations of the series must be the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, which we were lucky enough to visit. However, we weren’t the only ones and as a result, the major of Dubrovnik has stated that the city is overcrowded with tourists. But don’t worry we’ve found another magical location.

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One of the high points for Daenerys in Season 7 must be her arrival at Dragonstone. While GOT producers love to use some CGI to create out-of-this-world sceneries, Dragonstone is 100% real. Kind of. The castle isn’t real but the entrance is, which consists of 241 steps leading to the San Juan de Gaztelugatxe church. All this magic is located in the Spanish Basque Country and ready for you to be visited. Perhaps you’ll even spot a few dragons.

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