Mega knappe helikopterpilote maakt ieder jaloers met haar Instagram

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Je krijgt ‘em niet zomaar, maar volgens welingelichte bronnen mag de Braziliaanse Luana Torres zich met trots de ‘mooiste helikopterpilote ter wereld’ noemen. Een blik op de goedgevulde Instagram van de 27-jarige pilote en je snapt direct waarom men tot deze conclusie is gekomen. Wat een knapperd!

Hey guys, Those last two days were crazy. First I was super busy getting all the information necessary to start the process of converting my license. 🚁🇨🇦 On top of that, three different newspapers from U.K. wrote a little bit about my story. Have anyone here seen it? And after that, my Instagram account was mentioned on the Air navigation Blog as one of the eleven pilots you should follow on IG. I was literally speechless. I have no words to describe how happy I am right now. And none of this would ever have happened if it wasn’t for all of you!! So thank you SO much for always supporting me. I really, really appreciate it!! Thanks for all the kind messages you guys have been sending to me. I’ll make sure I answer all of them and I’ll try to get you know you all better. Thanks so much again and have a great day!

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Om ons ook mee te laten genieten, deelt ze al haar avonturen op Instagram. Wat een prachtige combinatie is van een soort travel pagina, samen met fashion en schoonheid. Heel veel schoonheid. Dus hou jij van een van deze dingen? Dan raden we je – net als haar 60.000 andere volgers – aan om Luana even een volg te geven:

Cheers to the weekend 🥂

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Domaine Carneros by Taittinger 🥂🍾

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BIG NEWS ‼️ One thing that made me choose to be a helicopter pilot is the idea of exploring places. Being able to land in the most amazing hidden places is something that really catches my attention. I love to fly in different landscapes. So far, I was able to fly by helicopter at some completely different places such as… 1. Australia (Melbourne) 2. Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) 3. USA ( California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona) And now it’s time to continue my flight adventures in a whole new country: Canada 🇨🇦 Next month, I’ll move to Vancouver. I can’t wait to fly there! If anyone wants to see how is flying there check @skyhelicopters @bradleyfriesen, my two favorite accounts from British Columbia, and you’ll have an idea how beautiful that city is. I’m still a little sad about leaving the US. I made so many great friends here. It was an awesome experience. But things happen in life for a reason, right? 🙏🚁😜 . . . Have a great week everyone!

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