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Van obesitas naar sexy bikinimodel

Als jij zat te wachten op een portie feelgood nieuws vandaag dan kun je het krijgen, want dit verhaal is helemaal top. De Amerikaanse Conner Rensch heeft een belachelijk moeilijke transformatie achter de rug: van 100 kilo teveel naar professioneel bikinimodel. Da’s toch ongelofelijk! Al op haar 18e woog ze meer dan 122 kilo, wat ongezond veel is. Maar gelukkig heeft Conner net zoveel doorzettingskracht als dat ze overgewicht had en besloot ze het aan te gaan pakken. Ze is nu een voorbeeld voor mensen wereldwijd met een tikkeltje teveel gewicht en helpt hen via haar Instagram op weg. Lekker bezig meid!

Here’s some #motivationmonday for you! One of the students from a junior high I spoke to recently reached out to me. She has been struggling with self-esteem and self-love. She told me that she still remembers when I came to tell my story; how confident and sure of myself I was; how she wants to be like me. Talk about water works! What this student didn’t know is that I still struggle with self- doubt. Everyone does. What I realized a while ago though, is that if you let fear and doubt paralyze you, you will never grow into the person you are meant to be. Sometimes change is hard. It can even physically and emotionally hurt, but the pain of regret is far worse. I guarantee it. Stay Beautiful Photo credit: @torivandament . . . . #mybutterflyjourney#believeinyourbeautiful#CREW#knowyourworth#weightloss#weightlosstransformation#beforeandafter#fitness #fitfam #fitchicks #cleaneating #exercise #inspire #inspired #motivate #motivation#teamnodaysoff #biggestloser #weightwatchers #rp #weightloss#cardio#fashion#photooftheday #picoftheday #newyear#trainandtrainsform#workhardstayhumble

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This is a very special #TBT to me. In the left photo is me at my senior prom. When I speak to junior highers I tell them the story of this dress. My mom and I walked into a department store when I was 17 years old. I was so excited because I finally was asked to a dance by a boy. At the time I was a size 24. I knew in my heart that they would not have anything that fit me, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with what I thought was the perfect dress. I made a comment to my mom about how much I loved the dress on the (skinny) mannequin. My mom decided to ask the department store worker if they had any other sizes in the dress. The woman looked me up and down and said, “we will have nothing in this store that fits her.” I have never felt so worthless, so humiliated in my entire life. As we were walking out of the store my mom turned to me and said, “You deserve that dress. We will have that dress made for you.” She found a tailor that recreated it for me. I’ve talked a lot about my mom and how much of an angel she has been in my life. This is just one of the many examples. I honestly felt beautiful in both photos. Something I definitely learned from this experience was to never let anyone’s opinion of me define who I am. I define who I am by staying true to myself… Always. Stay beautiful #MyButterflyJourney #CompleteNutrition #antibully #weightlossjourney #weightloss #beforeandafter #weightlifting #shelifts #fitness #igtransformation #trainandtrainsform Een foto die is geplaatst door Conner Rensch (@crensch) op


There are many defining moments in my journey up to this point. People may think that competing in this competition is my biggest defining moment, but I always look back on the little things. Being able to wrap a towel around myself, having someone hug me and not feel uncomfortable, going into a store and knowing they have my size. These are the moments that have forever changed me. It’s not just about losing weight, but being able to define who I am that has been the most important. It’s been overwhelming the amount of love and support that I have been blessed with. I hope that I can continue to reach out and inspire people to accomplish all their goals well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay beautiful #mybutterflyjourney #completenutrition #WBFF #workout #weightloss #workoutgoals #fitgirl #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #shelifts #strong #weightlossjourney #wbfftransformationmakeover #weightloss #weigtlossinspiration #inspire


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To all who think it can’t be done. IT CAN. #hardwork #LETSGO @trainandtransform


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