Vrouw valt 115 kilo af en is onherkenbaar getransformeerd

Zit je momenteel middenin een werkstuk voor je studie waar je niet uitkomt? Of zit je in een zwaar trainingsschema, maar wil je liever een wedstrijdje hamburgers klappen doen met je vrienden? Of lig je liever nu op de bank 20 afleveringen van Chef’s Table te kijken, terwijl je eigenlijk de trouwspeech moet schrijven voor je BFF? Dan wordt het tijd voor een flink portie inspirerende motivatie! Want als de 29-jarige Elena Goodall in twee jaar tijd 115 kilo kan afvallen, dan kun jij ook van de bank afkomen en die verrekte speech schrijven. Elena vertelt aan de Australische website 9News haar bijzondere verhaal, want makkelijk is het allemaal niet gegaan.

“Excuses are just excuses. Everyone makes them, including myself, but I pull myself up on them now.”

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Elena deelt via indrukwekkende foto’s op haar Instagram haar prachtige verhaal. Van een vrouw die 115 te zwaar was, naar een vrouw die dit jaar gaat meedoen met een triatlon. Wat kan het leven toch ook mooi zijn:

I would like to share with you another #beforeandafter I really want people to know that my story is much more than just #weightloss it is a story of courage determination and drive my story really changed once I found triathlon in the beginning it was all about weight loss and how much I had lost how many cms I had dropped ect then I found triathlon and I started to forget about all that non important stuff it became more about what foods I was eating to properly fuel my body to be able to do an endurance sport it became about being strong enough to swim kms ride for hrs and run and not die 😂 it became about breaking physical boundaries I once never thought were possible and pushing myself to new limits triathlon has changed my life in ways I never even imagined once I push through one barrier I set sights on the next I am truly so very proud as I sit here with tears rolling down my face (tears of pride) and I will be loud about it I don’t share my story to brag or big note I do it in hope I can help others I’m not saying stop worrying about weight I just saying stop making it your focus find your triathlon and with kicking goals there and everything els will eventually fall into place I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my amazing and supportive family and friends and also you guys my beautiful followers each and every one of you have been amazing the amount of messages I get some have put tears in my eyes I’m just so happy I can make a difference 💕 so much love for you all #beforeandafterweightloss #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #vsg #vsgcommunity #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #ironmanaustralia #cairnsim #cairnsim703 #cairnsim2017 #cairnsironman

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MOTERVATION THURSDAY!!! Happy Australia Day 🇦🇺 guys 🐨 so last night I was checking myself out coz I’m still not totally used to this new body of mine lol and I decided to put this beauty together a lot of hard work has gone into this and I’m so super proud what I have done in the past year is nothing short of amazing and I’m more than happy to toot my own horn lol toot toot 🎺🎺but to go from that to what I am now it’s just crazy so proud and can’t wait to smash out my first 70.3 cairns ironman here I come #liveyourpotential #tzeromultisport #livcycling_aus #tzerogirls #livcycling #cairns #cairnsironman #cairnsironman703 #triathlon #triathlontraining #triathlete @livcycling_aus @livcycling

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GOOD BYE 2016!!!! To say this has been a year of change for me is a huge understatement! 2016 will always be down in my books as the year my life changed I have smashed goals broken barriers and made myself so proud as I say goodbye to 2016 I get very very emotional some of the things I can look back on I ran in my first colour run did my first triathlon ran in my first outback to the stack joined a tri club did Julia creak dirt n dust tri ran for the first time finished my first Olympic distance triathlon (Noosa) I swam rode and ran my way into this sport I have absolutely felt in love with but on top of all of that I have gone from a massive 184kg down to 73kg and am the fittest and healthyest I have ever been a massive thanks to my old coach vicki @vitalizefitnessandlifecoaching without this beautiful lady this roller coaster ride of health and fitness would have never started vicki you area an amazing person thank you you saw me at my biggest and you believed in me I would also like to thank my new coach Vanessa @teamtricoaching I have only recently started training with Vanessa but already she had me on track although we have had a small detour with recent accidents but we’re working through. What will 2017 bring for me?? Well watch this space I am going to become an ironman this year and complete cairns ironman 2017 I have a brand new bike to take me there I am going to smash my time I set this year at dirt n dust and also at Noosa tri 2017 is all about smashing more personal goals and smashing through some more barriers 💕#triathlon #triathlontraining #triathlete #smashingit #smashinggoals #goodbye2016 #ironman #cairnsironman #whatayearitsbeen #whatayear #comesofar #smashingit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory #vsgcommunity #vsg @giantcairns @giantbikesaus @giantsunshinecoast @giantbicycles @giantnoosa @livcycling @livcycling_aus @cannibalaustralia #cairnsim

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