ASOS zet weer de toon en gaat viral met foto plussize model

Plussize model

(Foto ter illustratie / Shutterstock)

Sinds de giga kleding webshop ASOS ‘yes’ heeft gezegd tegen de body positive movement, gaat het hard. Door het enorme bereik van de webshop is er namelijk snel een verandering gekomen in wat als ‘normaal’ wordt gezien door het grote publiek. Zo kun je nu onder andere op de webshop je kledingstuk in verschillende maten zien en zetten ze beelden online zonder deze te bewerken.

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Momenteel gaan foto’s van ASOS met het prachtige plussize model Natalia Lorenzo, heel het web over en dat begrijpen wij best. Social influencer Callie deelt vol trots de foto van Natalie: “Look at this gorgeous model and her cute back rolls just out here to show women that their bodies are normal and that real life isn’t photoshopped and filtered.”


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het is niet de eerste dat Natalie viral gaat met een foto van zichzelf:

Most people know my pretty side. Like how i model, how i love taking pictures and how I’m super goofy and happy all the time. That i love to show my body and that i love to dance.. but what you guys don’t know is that at a very young age I became depressed due to self imagery issues and low self esteem. I then developed eating disorders, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I was in a very dark place for years.. i mean i was DISGUSTED at who i was.. i was so insecure and my self esteem was SO low i let it completely take over my life. I let my body hold me back for so many years to the point i told myself that if i couldn’t look or feel the way i wanted to i didn’t even want to be alive. My face and my body perceived as art yesterday was so uplifting and one of my greatest accomplishments. @karlogomez you are amazingly talented and you have helped me grow with your words of inspiration. Thank you for having me as one of your models for #artbaselmiami I am so proud of the both of us💓 #curvy #curves #plussizemodel #artbasel #wynwood #tbhicantbelieveimadeittoartbasellmao

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