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10 restaurants in Amsterdam to look forward to in 2019:


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So, last year we’ve had enough of those ‘these were the best this or that’ lists. And now we can’t wait for what the new year will bring us. We are not going to tell you where you should’ve eaten in 2018, but we would rather tip you our favorites this year. Maybe you will know a few of them already. This list isn’t about what is hot & happening, but more about what’s fingerlicking good. We hope to be able to surprise you with quite a few names from this top-10 (+ a bonus order tip at the end). On a culinary beautiful year!


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Dumplings (Westerpark)

The formerly rather dreary Nassauplein (east side Westerpark) was always a transit route for us from west to, for example, the Haarlemmerstraat. But that has changed completely since the summer of 2018, because at the entrance of the park you can now find Dumplings. Although you can buy dumplings here – as the name suggests – we always come for a Chinese crepe (jianbing) with Peking duck. For 9.50 you won’t find anything better this year. It is topnotch comfort food, and also prepared by very sweet people.

Dumplings // Nassauplein 60 // website


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Entrepot (Center)

This was the surprise of the previous year, because we were taken here as a surprise. The enormous space at the Entrepotdok is beautiful and despite the dimensions we have experienced a very intimate feeling. Entrepot does not serve a typical menu. It’s out-of-the-box and the perfect place to go to if you have something to celebrate.

Entrepot // Entrepotdok 8 // website


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Today we close one additional day, open regularly from tomorrow onwards🤵🏼book online 🕯

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Duende (Jordaan)

This tapas restaurant in the heart of the Jordaan has been on our personal list for a long time and now we can finally check it off. We can also check off the next day’s hangover, something that does not happen very often after dinner. Also the service (and we also suspect the kitchen) is entirely Spanish, this gives you the feeling that you’re in Barcelona for a night. The fact that all of our friends told us this was the best tapas restaurant ever, we can finally understand now.

Duende // Lindengracht 62 // website


(Photo: Duende)

Flora (Bilderpark / west)

Another surprise for us and hopefully also soon for you. We are in love with the next restaurant. The fact that it is now full every night is because the food at Flora is amazingly good, where authentic tacos and dangerously tasty cocktails roll out. A good friend of ours is Mexican and she assured us that this is the real deal you get at Flora. The name of the restaurant also refers to the decor, because you are surrounded by plants and those plants are again surrounded by the cutest park in the city: Bilderdijkpark.

Flora // Bilderdijkpark 1A // website


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Feliz Viernes! Join the #Flora team today for some deliciosos tacos, nachos, and fries 💃

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Arles (de Pijp)

We do not visit de Pijp very often anymore. But we make an exception for a place once a year: restaurant Arles. And we have a feeling only a few people know this place. Sad, because Arles is really a hidden gem in a prime location. Ok, we have to admit that the first time we went there we didn’t even find it. But maybe that has its charm.

Arles // Govert Flinckstraat 251 // website

Arles de Pijp

(Photo: Arles)

Cafe Modern (North)

Is de Pijp too busy for you? Do you prefer a breath of fresh air when you are eating? Is a good host important to you? Then you have to take the ferry to Amsterdam-Noord, cycle a little and then let yourself be pampered at Cafe Modern. The restaurant is in an old bank building (this is what we think thanks to the enormous safe door) and the host of our evening seems to come straight from Paris. Because of the trip with the ferry and the almost foreign hospitality, this really feels like we’re in another country. And to top it off, you can also stay at Modern. It is also a very small boutique hotel.

Cafe Modern // Meidoornweg 2 // website

Café Modern

(Photo: Café Modern)

Sichuan (Center)

Huh, the Warmoesstraat is only meant for very drunk Brits and lost beer bikes? That’s correct, but on the Warmoes you can also find one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Or actually we have to say Sichuanese restaurants, because the typical cuisine from this region in China is a world in itself. It is a kind of spiciness that you do not encounter in any other kitchen. Do not come all at once, because it is smaller than a dumpling.

Sichuan // Warmoesstraat 17 // website

(Photo: Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam)

Scheepskameel (Center)

Ok we admit it: we secretly also made this list a bit for ourselves. We have not been to this restaurant yet, but now we even have friends who have been there for the second time. The location (Marineterrein) is beautiful, the German wines sehr, sehr gut and the food is truly sublime. That the food and the hospitality is perfect, is also because the people behind Scheepskameel are the people behind Rijsel. Another one of our favourites (even though it’s not on this list).

Scheepskameel // Kattenburgerstraat 7 – gebouw 24 // website


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⛴🐫⏱ 5 min voor service!

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Toscanini (Jordaan)

We wrote an article about this restaurant with the title, ‘Toscanini: the best Italian in town‘. We haven’t changed our opinion about this and this is our ‘classic’ in this list. Everyone who reads this now and has eaten at Toscanini knows what we are talking about. The people who have no idea: please, pick up the phone immediately to book a table, because this hotspot is always fully booked.

Toscanini // Lindengracht 75 // website


(Photo: Toscanini)

Vuurtoreneiland (IJmeer)

This is a next level experience. And we absolutely LOVED it. After a 45 minute boat ride you arrive at Vuurtoreneiland. We have only been there during the ‘summer edition’, but nowadays the restaurant is also open in the winter. The advantage of the summer is that between courses you can have a scroll on beautiful island, between the sheep with a glass of wine in your hand. The food is beautifully laid out every course and there is a lot of work with seasonal products. Put this restaurant at the top of your list of romantic destinations.

Vuurtoreneiland // IJmeer // website


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Bonus order tip: Uncle Lee

Sometimes you do not feel like going out with your other half. Sometimes you just want to lie on the couch with, or maybe without a pair of undies. We have already listed the best late-night snack spots in Amsterdam, and we would like to add Uncle Lee to that. Uncle Lee has the best fried (Asian) chicken from Amsterdam, in a old building at Westerpark. This shows that location is not everything, because there’s nothing better than this on a Sunday.

Uncle Lee // website

Uncle Lee

(Photo: Uncle Lee)

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