What happens when hipsters serve you coffee

We’re not completely sure what the official definition of ‘a hipster‘ is but we’re pretty sure it involves being ‘different’ and drinking a lot of coffee. Combine the two and you get a few very interesting cups of coffee, of which coffee experts wouldn’t approve, to say the least. If you’re into experimental coffee we’re sure you’ll love these hipsters doing coffee. For all the experts, it’s probably best to just let these cups of precious coffee have their moment.

You’ve probably all hear about the Avolatte:

But there’s more:

Yessss to the Unicorn Latte! Nutritious & Delicious Cup of Magic! ✨🦄💖✨🦄💖#UnicornLatte #ILoveWilliamsburg

Een bericht gedeeld door Lucy McBurgul (@ladypineapple) op


Een bericht gedeeld door Roxana Salatiuan (@roxanasalatiuan) op

Eeek, what a chilly morning!! We’re in need of something more like this👆🏼to get us going today!! #unicornlatte

Een bericht gedeeld door C A R A V A N & T O N I C (@caravanandtonic) op

Our new favorite drink is the #CaneSugar #Fairy #Floffee … #CottonCoffee … what would you call this sweet temptation?

Een bericht gedeeld door Elle Nguyen (@latteartlove) op

Picture perfect and made with love. #coffeeinacone

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Espresso tonics. A perfectly dialed in espresso shot poured over tonic&ice. Enjoyed by you.

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