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From 300-year-old farmhouse to modern home in the Spanish countryside

(Photos via BAT Architecture)

Always dreamt of moving to the peaceful countryside in a warmer climate without having to give up on any luxuries? Then we’ve found just the place! This 300-year-old farmhouse in the Spanish Basque country has been transformed into a beautiful modern home that is worth giving up a city apartment in a minute. The Bilbao Architecture Team (BAT) managed to transform this countryside beauty into a modern dream home.

From the outside, it still looks a lot like an abandoned farmhouse but it is only when you take a look inside that you can understand why this is a unique home. Nevertheless, this wasn’t an easy task. The BAT team had to break down the original ceiling to create a second-level space. The original facades and wooden balustrades were kept intact. Just how we like it!

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