5 Airbnb igloos you want to stay in forever

Igloos airbnb

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This is one of our favorite websites to look at for hours, but we love writing about it even more: Airbnb. There are just so many houses. We love to have a peek in villas or the cute houseboats on the canals. There are thousands of options. And since we love to write about it, we have to write about something new we’ve found this time: the igloos.

We have already posted and igloo on our blog before. And we were so inspired, that we had to check out if Airbnb had any more options. And of course, it did. We have chosen the best for you. From bubble igloo to a real snow igloo. The choice is yours. Which of these 5 igloos do you want to visit?

White Lounge Igloo Hotel Romance

Staying in an ingloo is something special. It’s something you probably don’t see yourself doing every year (or maybe you do, after trying it out). This igloo ensures that you will experience a few special nights. The White Lounge offers 7 suites, which makes you feel even more special. In the igloo you will be provided with expedition sleeping bags. They also have an evening program, where you can have a mystical torch walk, but there is also a romantic bonfire. If you are more into sports, it’s also possible to go bobsleighing.

Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb

Spherical igloo under the stars in Uluwatu

If you thought you could only stay in villas or beach houses in Bali, then you were pretty wrong. The Bubble Hotel Bali is located in Uluwatu. This bubble igloo is perfect for you and your lover, well hidden in the Uluwatu area, privacy guaranteed.

Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb

IGLOOTEL Lapland – more than a normal hotel

Lapland also has an igloo hotel called IGLOOTEL. This is not just a hotel, this is a boutique hotel. You will stay in a state-of-the-art room with sculptural elements made of snow and ice. In this hotel there is even a sauna, or you can enjoy one of the outdoor hot tubs. Too cold for you? Warm it up in the special fireplace igloo.

Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb

Snow igloo

Back to Finland. Not in a glass igloo, but this time in a snow igloo. We’ve all had our sunny vacations, so we’re taking it to the next level. It’s ice, ice, baby. It’s always minus degrees’ inside the igloo. So, you will be provided with warm sleeping bags. But you do have to bring a hat, socks and cloves. Yes clove. By heating spices and making tea for example, it stimulates your blood circulation. And who knows, maybe you’ll spend one of these evenings under the northern lights. All worth it, right?

Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb

Black Dome deLuxe accommodations

Another bubble igloo. Now in Sweden. This title of the Airbnb says it already: it’s deluxe. If you compare it to all the other igloos, there is much more to it than just a bed with a sleeping bag. You even have a living room and a terrace. Let’s enjoy!

Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb Igloos airbnb

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