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5 Netflix movies starring Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

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Do we really have to tell you why we’re making a list about Ryan Reynolds? Not really, right? Although we don’t mind explaining. Talking about Mr. Reynolds isn’t so bad. We’d love to. He has some great humor – and that’s what every woman looks for in a relationship – but he also has an amazing face. But today it’s not about his looks (even though it’s not so bad if you have to look at someones face for two hours). Anyhow, this guy really knows how to act. Probably one of the reasons that there are more than five movies on Netflix starring Ryan Reynolds. It’s quite a fun game when you’re bored at home. Find actors with more than five movies on Netflix. And no, Jason Statham doesn’t count, because we gave you that list already.

The Hitmans Bodyguard

Our capital is a big part of The Hitmans Bodyguard, where Michael Bryce (Reynolds) loses his title as the world’s best bodyguard, after one of his clients is murdered. To regain this status, he has to help a new client, Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) to get from London to court in The Hague within 24 hours.

Safe House

What to do when Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington play in the same movie? You check it out, of course. In Safe House Tobin Frost (Washtington) is on the run. In South-Africa he finally gets arrested and accommodated to a safe house. This is where Matt Weston (Reynolds) is in charge. When the safe house gets attacked, Tobin and Matt know how to escape, but they are being followed by serial killers.


When millionaire Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) has an incurable decease, he gets an offer to replace his spirit in a new body (Reynolds). When he gets a lot of flashbacks and finds out where this body comes from, his life gets into danger.

Woman in Gold

It’s not always action for Reynolds. In 2015 he starred in Woman in Gold. A movie about Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), who was an Austrian-Jewish refugee in the second World War. During this war, five of her family paintings are stolen from her house. The Austrian government has put these paintings in a museum. Altmann starts a legal battle, where she needs Randol Schoenberg (Reynolds) to help her out.


When they were younger Mitch (Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) were best friends. As they got older, they completely changed and parted. Dave has a good job, an amazing wife and lovely kids. While Mitch is living the single life. They wish they could have each other’s lives. And sometimes dreams do come true. What happens when they wake up in each other’s bodies the next day?

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