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5 x the best Jason Statham movies on Netflix

Jason Statham

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If your name is Jason Statham, you deserve a Netflix list that is totally dedicated to you. We have seen almost all his movies. The real obsession started when we saw Transporters (yes, all three of them, of course). He may already be 50, but does anyone really notice? Hell no. Dear Jason, please keep doing what you do, because we really enjoy it. And we are clearly not the only ones. Netflix has more movies online with Jason than with Leonardo Dicaprio! And we really don’t mind. This is our way of sharing our secret Statham obsession. And we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked after seeing these as well.

Are you a real Statham fan and have you seen all his movies on Netflix already? The Meg, where he also plays the main role, is in theaters now.


Statham plays the mercenary Luke Wright, who decides to protect the Chinese girl Mei, who has some important information about weapons of mass destruction. Because of this information, the Chinese and Russian mafia are coming for Mei and Wright will do everything to save her.


Phil Broker (Statham) is a former DEA agent, who decides to move to a quiet town with his daughter Maddy, in order to escape his past. However, this town is full of violence, drugdealers, and malicious people. When Maddy gets into a schoolyard fight, Phil tangles with a local meth druglord.

Mechanic: Resurrection

After faking his death, Arthur Bishop, the once most dangerous assassin in the world, has been living quietly in Rio de Janeiro. He is approached by Renee Tran, who knows his true identity and explains that her employer wishes for Bishop to kill three targets and stage them as accidents. To be sure he will do so, they kidnap his girlfriend.

Killer Elite

Back to the eighties. This 2011 film is set in the 80s. As a former mercenary, Danny (Statham) gets into trouble, because his friend and mentor Hunter is kidnapped by an Arab sheik. He is now obliged to commit a murder. If he doesn’t, Hunter will be killed.

The Expendables

So, it’s obvious that Jason is one hell of an actor. But what is even more fun than Jason starring a movie? One where a group of mercenary soldiers are leading. They infiltrate a South American country and take up the battle against the cruel dictator. The only problem is that the men get entangled in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal during this action.

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