The 6 best documentaries about bizarre cults available on Netflix

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Netflix is your go-to platform for series and films but one genre the platform also offers a wide range of is documentaries. These documentaries can teach us a lot about the way we think about food or unsolved murders but another subject that keeps surprising us is that of cults. As cults tend to live mostly under the radar it’s harder to get an inside look, nevertheless, some filmmakers manage and what they see isn’t always for the good. We’ve selected the 6 best documentaries on Netflix that dive deeper into these mysteries worlds.

Wild Wild Country

This documentary was only released last week but has already become a big obsession for Netflix fans. Wild Wid Country follows the Rajneeshee cult in Oregon, founded by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the 80’s which led to the largest food poisoning cases in the USA among numerous other shocking encounters.

My Scientology Movie

While Louis Theroux manages to bring controversial themes to the big screen with his amazing documentaries, we were surprised when we heard he decided to tackle the much-discussed Scientology cult. Nevertheless, Louis manages to cover the story of the cult famous for its celebrity followers in his own way.

Holy Hell

Filmmaker Will Allen documents his personal experiences of joining the spiritual cult Buddhafield in Los Angeles for 22 years. It especially focuses on the leader ‘Michel’ who was later on accused of abuse even though the cult still exists.

Jesus Camp

This documentary shows how even the most ‘popular’ religion in the USA is being misused by extremists turning it into a cult. It follows children enrolled in Jesus Camp, a program that turns them into so-called God’s soldiers. But the real villains are their parents.

Jonestown: Paradise Lost

The Jonestown massacre in 1978 was the biggest single loss of American life before 9/11 when the leader of the Peoples Temple, Jim Jones, ordered his members to commit mass suicide. This immediately also marked the end of the cult but inevitably became a big shock to the world.


After watching documentaries on cults, the first question that comes to mind must be that how is it that people don’t just decide to leave. That’s exactly why Ted ‘Black Lightning’ Patrick set up a counter reaction for non-cults to be ‘mentally reprogrammed’. But as you can guess, this indirectly led to a cult of its own kind.

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