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9 places to avoid during the heat wave

Temperatuur warm

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It’s way too hot, inside or outside. And as you may have noticed, every normal human being doesn’t really know how to deal with this heat. We’d rather stay in bed and cool off with our faces in front of the fan. Or in a bath full of ice cubes. Anything cold or freezing would be great right now. No fan or an ice cube bath available? Please, for your own sake, avoid these following spots.

Hond ventilator

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The office

Come on, is there really someone who wants to be at the office at the moment? With the climate in The Netherlands, there is a chance that we will only have 20 days of good weather, and that is if we’re lucky. Yet here you are, stuck at your desk, looking at your screen and you can’t focus on anything at the moment, because it’s: Way. Too. Hot. We’re skipping the responsibilities and the only thing we do is scrolling through our Instagram feeds where everyone is living their best life, while being at the beach. This is the perfect moment to use those free days you still haven’t used.

Ventilator warm

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Grey shirts

Dumbest decision ever: wearing grey with 30 degrees or more. And yet, we made this stupid mistake. Last weekend we were invited to a birthday party at the Westerpark. Our b-day outfit? You have probably guessed it already. Exactly, a GREY shirt. And not just any grey shirt. No, a fitted grey shirt. In this heat we all know how our light grey shirt turned into an anthracite color, really quick. Even though black is not the smartest color to wear during summer, we’ll know what we’ll be wearing next time.

Grijs shirt zweet

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The Thai

Hot, hotter, hottest. One of the spiciest menus in town. A few weeks ago, we visited Dublin and we decided to visit a local Thai for some good food. Delicious, but very spicy. Thanks to Yelp we found out that this Thai has the spiciest dishes of Ireland. Fun fact: these reviews were written by Thai people their selves. Hot food and 30 degrees, it’s a no go. We can confirm that.


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A small toilet

So, after our lovely visit to the Thai in Dublin, we also had to visit the toilet. A really small toilet. Another horrible combination. We are sweating at places we didn’t even know it was possible to have sweat. Best option: have a number 2 with the door open. If you’re confident enough. There won’t be many people that are brave enough to do that. Especially not after all that spicy food.

Hond wc-papier

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De Waterkant

Don’t get us wrong: this is one of our favorite spots. But whenever the temperate rises in Amsterdam, it feels like the whole city decides to go to this beautiful place. It feels like one big wasp plague, only this time, we are the wasps. It’s that busy, that we also turn into a flock of wild animals, fighting for a spot. And once you’ve found the perfect spot next to the water, you can’t leave it. Sweaty butts guaranteed.


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The beach

Let’s go to the beach! Yes, lots of fun, if you can teleport yourself to it. But that sweaty train ride is something we’d rather skip. After a thirty-minute ride the beach is PACKED. You can’t even find a nice spot to really relax and enjoy the weather. Screaming kids, gulls and last but not least: other people’s odor.


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The gym

Call us crazy, but we’re still working on that summer body. They say that summer bodies are made in the winter, but if it’s up to us, we’re working on it every season. It’s that little thing called balance. Working out every season so you can still eat every season as well. But after two minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, we left the gym, looking like we just had a jump in the pool. Maybe we’ll just skip the gym during summer.

Zweet hoofd

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The paddling pool at the Vondelpark

We can’t think straight anymore. This heat makes you do some crazy things, seriously. For example, a few days ago, around 10:30 we were at the paddling pool at the Vondelpark. Just to cool off, we took of our shoes and had a dip in the water. And just a few moments later, hell itself happened: screaming kids and even worse: baby pee. We have the feeling our feet still smell like it.

Pierenbadje Vondelpark

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After waiting many years, it’s finally done: the ‘Noord/Zuidlijn’. The subway that brings you from north to south really quick. It sure has its pros. We think we prefer taking this ride than three busses to get from north to south or the other way around. But we’ve heard that this ride is no fun. No, it’s bloody freaking hot. Even though we live in 2018, they’ve decided to not install an airco. We sure know if we had the chance to develop a subway, it would have one.

What to do with this heat?

So, now you know what you shouldn’t be doing with 30 degrees. But, what do we do!? We love to work with solutions, that’s why we also made a list of 11 to do’s in Amsterdam to cool down. Much better!

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