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A party bucket of Maltesers is chocolate heaven


Photo: Amazon

You can wake us up for only one thing in the night: it’s chocolate. Nothing is as good as that piece of cocoa (except if it is with orange, then you can give it to someone else). Whether you eat it during a movie in the cinema or on the couch. With a broken heart. Or just because you feel like it. And besides that it is very tasty, it is also very healthy! Okay, of course in the purest form possible: dark chocolate, the darker the better.

We find chocolate in many forms very tasty, but one of our favorites? Maltesers! Now we also find that there is always too little of Maltesers in the bag, because we never put one in our mouth, but at least two. So we want more than one bag. And the chocolate Gods have listened to us. There is a bucket full of Maltesers. Holy Chocolate! 520 grams of heaven. For a price around € 33. So you should enjoy this extra and not take a mouthful.


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