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Add this to your bucketlist: Harry Potter yoga

Harry Potter yoga

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We all have it. A bucket list. Whether it is fully written in a booklet, as a Word file in your laptop or as a quick note in your phone. Or it’s just in your head. Now here at Colorful Rebel we have already been able to do quite some nice things with our Colorful Rebel’s Bucketlist. We went indoor (VR) skydiving, but we also went flyboarding (including an awesome and very funny video).


But there is no such thing as a bucketlist that is too long, we have just found out. In this way we continue to encounter more fun (or crazier) things on the world wide web, which we actually want to try out. After a very early morning goat yoga in het Amsterdamse Bos (up to now one of our best experiences ever) we can say that we like the somewhat special variant of a work out. So if you’re already a huge fan of Harry Potter, then why not Harry Potter yoga?

Completely in theme, including a magic wand in your hands, you will try the Downward Dog or whatever yoga pose, only the names have been adjusted a little bit. You now do the Downward Fluffy or the Slytherin Cobra. We need to try this out!


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Harry Potter Yoga was a success! Visit @cosmopolitan to see all the pics from the event at @circlebrew ✨[link in bio] pics by @alexagwagner

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